9 avril 2020


This is a real revolution in the fight against the spread of viruses


vaping fence by serco holding
vaping fence by serco holding


2020 is marked by the epidemic caused by the COVID-19 virus also known as CORONAVIRUS

The fight against the spread of the epidemic has been made a national priority: barrier gestures, confinement, wearing a mask, frequent hand washing are all measures that aim to stem the pandemic.

This is why the companies SERCO HOLDING FRANCE & VAO have teamed up to offer a technical solution adapted to inert surfaces located in particular in public spaces: the VAPING FENCE©.

This is a real revolution in the fight against the spread of the virus!

vaping fense vaping fence serco holding barrière desinfectante


It is a horizontal or vertical grab bar of the motorized handrail type.

This device turns on itself and is in contact with a sanitizing product diffused in the form of vaporization thanks to micro-nozzles.

You touch a railing in a public space, the railing turns on itself and sanitizes itself. The next person touches the same railing in the same place, it is already disinfected! And so on…. The spread of the virus on the treated surfaces is stopped clearly.

The VAPING FENCE© therefore consists of the following elements:

1 / A circular type handrail. This tube can be of various dimensions and of various materials. The device is adaptable indoors, outdoors, vertically and horizontally.

Concretely, our invention is adaptable everywhere even if we favor new installations.

2 / A remote-controlled electric motor for sequential turning. It is integrated inside. Its rotation speed is adaptive.

Concretely, the speed is adjustable according to the places and the uses. Thus, the guardrail can self-clean slowly for spaces with little traffic or more frequently at merchants, for example, or only at recess in schools.

3 / A fully sealed cannula. It is located below. It is bordered on both sides by a smooth rubber seal. It is in this cannula that the Vaping takes place, that is to say the vaporization of the antiseptic product generated by micro-perforated nozzles.

Concretely, it is a device similar to the VAPING of electronic cigarettes that is implemented. The internal seal allows the product to be smoothed evenly over the railing.

5 / two separate waterproof technical boxes contain the electrical and electronic components as well as the VAPING device.


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